Regard Yakou – International Business

Many successful businessmen, like Regard Yakou of Contraco, a building and infrastructure company in Qatar, know the value that having a degree in international business can have when dealing with global companies. College degrees are considered valuable and a sign of veracity amongst international businesses, and can be the difference between gaining a sale, contract, or business partner.

Regard Yakou
Regard Yakou

An international business degree goes beyond the standard business courses by training individuals to become experienced in core business elements like marketing, management, economics, and business law, but on an international level.

Students learn policy analysis and examine case studies that will prepare them for global management roles in the future.

This training allows the student to learn cultural sensitivities and customs, as well as an understanding of current world affairs while gaining universally recognized academic credentials. The international business degree can be achieved in traditional on-campus methods, or in the increasingly popular online courses and programs.

Regard Yakou and other prominent international businessmen and women have amplified their reputations by working toward and earning an international business degree. Pursuing this degree is a long-term commitment that is accompanied by a frequent need for continuing education about economic, political, and social issues facing different countries around the world.

The individual in this field of study must be prepared for unusual, sometime lengthy hours and some travel. While most graduates can find entry-level positions, they can also, depending on their specialized area of study, earn high salaries, especially in construction, defense, oilfield equipment, and maritime shipping.