Regard Yakou – Architectural Management

Regard Yakou, and other experienced, successful, and profitable construction businessmen and women, have developed their skills in architecture management. This style of building management involves different roles than a construction manager has, from education to salary to responsibilities in the process of a building project.

Regard Yakou

A degree in architecture management involves the successful completion of five years of education and internship experience. Licensure is earned through passing the architect registration exam, and the average annual salary is around $72,000. Architect management means that the architect has certain roles to play in the building project process.

During pre-construction, the architect meets with the construction manager and other key principals, handles the request for the building proposal, and may also need to assemble the team engineers who will design the building and provide contractors with the supply drawings. The architect will be mainly responsible for the schematic design portion of the project, including the preliminary sketches of the floor plans and exterior elevations.

Construction presidents, contractors, and managers, like Regard Yakou, know that the architect plays a key role in the construction portion of the process as well. The flat work, site clearing, and moving of ground cover will be overseen by the architect, who will also be on hand to provide information or present new drawings if plans change. The same role applies for the other phases of the construction project, such as the topping out and weather tight.

The architect will prepare the punch lists and final approval of the finished project. Finally, the architect will review the quality of the completed building and prepare final acceptance paperwork.

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