Regard Yakou – Environmental Engineering

Many prominent and experienced construction businessmen, like Regard Yakou of Contraco, have multiple degrees in their field of study, including a degree in environmental engineering.

This field of engineering focuses on improving environmental quality and protecting the environment and those within it from stressors like pollution. Environmental engineers often concern themselves with improving aspects like recycling, water and air pollution control, waste disposal, and public health.

Regard Yakou

Environmental engineers are highly knowledgeable in the areas of biology, earth sciences, chemistry, and all aspects of engineering; they use all of these factors in their drive to find solutions for environmental issues.

The main focus for environmental engineers is to prevent dangerous biological and chemical contaminants from being released into the water, air, and soil. These engineers must also be able to identify existing pollutants and finding where they came from. This is often a significant difficulty, as there may be multiple sources from which the pollutant developed and spread.

Regard Yakou and other prominent construction moguls who have earned environmental engineering degrees, have also garnered significant experience in this role.

Environmental engineers are not only responsible for identifying pollutants and their source(s), but also for slowing down or stopping the contamination itself. This responsibility is a weighty one, thus an environmental engineer should also have knowledge of chemical engineering and fluid dynamics.

Because of the legalities that are involved in contaminated sites, these engineers need to be aware of environmental laws and litigation; many environmental engineers are also practicing attorneys so they remain aware of the current laws and standards that may apply to the case they are working on.

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