Regard Yakou: Various Green Home-Building Techniques

Over the last several decades, there has been a growing awareness of the effects that are activities have on the environment. As a member of the Green Building Council, Regard Yakou has helped many businesses transition into green buildings. There are a number of techniques that can be used to create a green building.

These techniques focus on the following:

”              Effectively using insulation. Up to fifty percent of a home’s energy is used to heat and cool the interior spaces. Spray foam insulation is used to stop drafts make sure you seal any gaps around doors, windows, and duct-work with caulk.

”              Be sure you are using blue Energy Star mechanical and electrical equipment within the home. This includes cooling systems, water heaters, light fixtures, and appliances.

”              Design the home’s exterior and landscape with the sun and wind in mind. Plant shade trees on the south-facing side of the house and incorporate overhangs above the windows. Take advantage of cross ventilation by installing windows on all side of the house.

”              Use sustainable building materials when possible. Use recycled plastic or composite wood for your decking and cement board for siding.

”              Look for alternatives products that are labeled “low VOC” to reduce the toxic vapors that are released into the air by certain products.

Energy efficient, green homes are growing in popularity as people are becoming more aware of the impact they are having on the environment. Regard Yakou is a civil engineer and construction project manager in California and has experience with green building construction projects.