Regard Yakou: Business Management Tips

Regard Yakou is a successful international construction manager whose diverse experience has earned him an overwhelmingly-positive reputation. Regard Yakou is versed in business management, as well as a wealth of other skills, and he’s passionate about his field.

 Regard Yakou

Business management tips like these are similar to what a professional like Regard Yakou might offer a young businessperson:

  • Plan Every Decision

Snap decisions can destroy a new business and damage an established one. Always plan your decisions and consult stakeholders before making them. This will help you spot potential problems before they occur by giving yourself and others more time to think about an option.

  • Don’t Work with Friends

Hiring friends and family can lead to many problems within a business, and it typically diminishes the quality of your business’s talent pool. Sometimes a friend or family hire can work, but even then, extensive paperwork and discussion is necessary.

  • Be Consistent

Business managers like Regard Yakou are nothing if not consistent. Consistency builds popular businesses and strong brands – think of your favorite companies and you’ll likely see this proven true in their patterns. Develop a strategy to handle each aspect of your business, define your brand, and build your business around these approaches.


Regard Yakou: What is Involved in “Green” Building?

Regard Yakou is the CEO of ICM USA, LLC, a well-known member and longtime leader in the field of residential, managerial and commercial building construction and consulting.

An experienced project director with considerable skill in cost management, design management and project estimation, Yakou is well-versed in the processes and oversight which go into the completion of a successful project.

A longtime member of the construction industry, Yakou is very familiar with those elements that constitute a “green” building; the aspects of a structure that work to save energy while reducing its impact on the environment.

Such factors as energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, automation systems and energy-efficient commercial lighting, when incorporated as essential components of the building design, can help reduce the long-term, overall energy use of a particular structure, as well as to earn that building LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the US Green Building Council.

An experienced industry professional, Regard Yakou understands those elements that help reduce the environmental impact of both the construction process and the completed structure

Regard Yakou: Strategies of Successful Construction Management

Regard Yakou understands the many facets of construction management, having worked in and around the field of construction, particularly within leadership posiwtions, for much of his career.

Currently the CEO of ICM USA, LLC, Yakou has strong familiarity with those aspects essential to successful construction management, but the work and approach it takes to ensure successful project completion.

Strategies integral to successful construction management include:

Creating Good Communication Flow

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Important to every phase of construction management, the open and clear flow of communication should be established right at the outset of the project.

Planning Throughout the Process

It’s critical to plan extensively not only at the beginning of the project, but to continue planning and re-planning during each stage of construction.

Observing and Making Inquiries Every Day

As Regard Yakou knows, construction managers should always keep a keen eye on what’s going in throughout the site, and to ask questions whenever necessary.

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