Regard Yakou: What is Involved in “Green” Building?

Regard Yakou is the CEO of ICM USA, LLC, a well-known member and longtime leader in the field of residential, managerial and commercial building construction and consulting.

An experienced project director with considerable skill in cost management, design management and project estimation, Yakou is well-versed in the processes and oversight which go into the completion of a successful project.

A longtime member of the construction industry, Yakou is very familiar with those elements that constitute a “green” building; the aspects of a structure that work to save energy while reducing its impact on the environment.

Such factors as energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, automation systems and energy-efficient commercial lighting, when incorporated as essential components of the building design, can help reduce the long-term, overall energy use of a particular structure, as well as to earn that building LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the US Green Building Council.

An experienced industry professional, Regard Yakou understands those elements that help reduce the environmental impact of both the construction process and the completed structure


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