Regard Yakou: Business Management Tips

Regard Yakou is a successful international construction manager whose diverse experience has earned him an overwhelmingly-positive reputation. Regard Yakou is versed in business management, as well as a wealth of other skills, and he’s passionate about his field.

 Regard Yakou

Business management tips like these are similar to what a professional like Regard Yakou might offer a young businessperson:

  • Plan Every Decision

Snap decisions can destroy a new business and damage an established one. Always plan your decisions and consult stakeholders before making them. This will help you spot potential problems before they occur by giving yourself and others more time to think about an option.

  • Don’t Work with Friends

Hiring friends and family can lead to many problems within a business, and it typically diminishes the quality of your business’s talent pool. Sometimes a friend or family hire can work, but even then, extensive paperwork and discussion is necessary.

  • Be Consistent

Business managers like Regard Yakou are nothing if not consistent. Consistency builds popular businesses and strong brands – think of your favorite companies and you’ll likely see this proven true in their patterns. Develop a strategy to handle each aspect of your business, define your brand, and build your business around these approaches.


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