Regard Yakou: Benefits of International Business

Regard Yakou has worked as an international construction manager for decades. Regard Yakou holds a Ph.D. from Aston University in the United Kingdom, a Master of Arts degree in Industrial Arts from California State University, Fresno, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Ohio Northern University. Regard Yakou serves as the CEO of ICM USA a development and Construction services company in the USA and previously worked for Contraco in Qatar.

Benefits like these are part of the reason that professionals like Regard Yakou choose to conduct business internationally:

  • Flexibility

If you have skills or products that aren’t in high-demand in one country, they might be in demand elsewhere. By working internationally, you can increase your chances of success by marketing yourself to a much wider audience. You’ll also have less competition in certain markets around the world than in others.

  • Longevity

International businesses exhibit more longevity because they’re not as susceptible to national trends. If one country adopts a different attitude or approach to your field, the rest of the world is still open to you. Plus, international businesspeople like Regard Yakou can choose where they’d most prefer to focus among viable countries.


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